Minds in Motion

academic challenge, character development and social justice

Workshop Topics

Minds in Motion groups at each site choose a series of workshop topics for each school year, such as:

Science and Coding

  • Learning to Code Robots
  • Pinball Electronics, Mechanics, Physics, Probability, and Chaos/Randomness
  • Ecology:  Wild Wetlands (including field trips to study habitats and do wetland restoration)
  • Evolution
  • Zoology:  Animal Communication
  • Physics and Lab Experiments

Social Studies

  • Developing a Social Justice Identity and Activism Plan
  • Media and Advertising Theory and Analysis
  • Feminism and Women’s Rights
  • Individual Rights and Constitutional Law
  • Racism:  Japanese Internment Camps
  • Humanism and Free Thinking

Language and Writing

  • Literary Circles:  Short Stories
  • Debate and Persuasion
  • Newspaper Journalism
  • Creative Writing:  Castle Panic – a Time Travel Story in European Medieval Times

Math and Business

  • Investing and Stock Portfolio Simulation
  • Personal Financial Planning
  • Don’t Get Conned:  Counterintuitive Probabilities and Creative Problem Solving
  • Geometry and Spatial Visualization
  • Kids Business Plan
  • Logic Puzzles and Games

Art and Music

  • Drums:  Math of Interlocking Rhythms, Cultural History and Ethnomusicology (includes kids learning rhythms, each with their own conga drum)
  • Art History
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