Minds in Motion

academic challenge, character development and social justice


Could your child use an extra stretch, of fun and rigorous after school workshop-style courses in subjects they largely don’t cover in school, emphasizing academic challenge, character development and social justice?

In Minds in Motion groups, kids bond around interactive, hands-on learning in a small team.

We hire truly dynamic teachers who apply their extensive experience teaching academically strong and intellectually curious kids with extra academic depth and breadth.  We focus on nurturing their concern for social justice issues, and character skills such as zest for learning, social intelligence, optimism, curiosity and grit.  And we encourage and inspire parent involvement with teachers and the process.

Course topics range …
From coding robots, to learning about chaos and randomness theory in the context of a pinball machine.
From feminism, to how racism in Japanese internment camps relates to individual rights and US Constitutional law.
From to developing a social justice identity and activism plan, to developing a kids’ business plan.
From debate, to creative writing.
From geospatial visualization, to the math of interlocking drum rhythms.
From logic puzzle strategy, to counterintuitive probabilities.
From personal financial planning, to stock portfolio simulation.
From animal communications, to the impact of global warming on polar bears.

Join us!